Let's Talk About Us

Susan lives in Boston, MA. Baking has been a long time hobby of hers, going back to when she sold her desserts in a restaurant in NYC. Her famous apple cake was even featured in a newspaper. Her baked goods have always been popular among her friends and family, and this blog represents her desire to spread her desserts to a wider audience.  When she's not baking she enjoys reading, going to see movies, and taking walks with her dog Sammy. 

Emily is living in Los Angeles, where she is about to graduate from law school and move to NYC. Baking is a relatively new hobby of hers, although eating Susan's desserts has always been a passion. She has two main goals: to try every bakery in Manhattan (at least all of those south of 97th street), and to bake the perfect french macaron. When she's not baking she enjoys seeing movies, broadway musicals, and shopping.

Have suggestions or questions? Is there a recipe you'd like to see us make or a bakery you think we must try? Email us at sweettalksweets [at] gmail dot com.